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SureWeKnow: WE DO, WE ARE.
- in knowledge we trust -

we do:
disruptive IT solutions

We do knowledge-intensive system and software engineering.
* * *
Our skills have been forged in several of the most demanding engineering sectors, like aero-space or nuclear research. We have been working with the most advanced methodologies for the most demanding customers. But always following a simple equation that we are now pushing to its limits: transforming data into information by applying knowledge.

we are:
business (micro)angels

We invest small funds and big talent in order to make new projects happen.
* * *
Our passion is to become key partners of entrepreneurs with great ideas; moreover, our mission is to move people with great ideas into entrepreneurship. And it is a full commitment because we share the risk, ... because we invest: (1) seed funds; (2) business conceptualization; and (3) quintessential IT in order to produce prove-of-concept and fund raising "betas".


Last updated April 2017

Omnichannel & Retail


Citizens & Empowerment


Shopping & BigData




In SureWeKnow we believe in the power of the network. Sleeping talent can be activated to perform with passion beyond the limits of the expectable. And since talent is ubiquitous and the cloud pervasive, we can invoke anytime and anywhere the right knowledge and the rigth expertise to tackle any disruptive challenge.

By the way, the core of SureWeKnow is already multicultural and multidisciplinary (engineering + software + medicine + phylosophy).

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